Monday, May 11, 2009


So I'm typing this in bed in Edinburgh looking at a jar of knackers. (That's really what they're called, will post pics soon!)I adore Edinburgh.Every single one of the buildings is gorgeous to look at, even the homeless shelter looks amazing!One things that I've noticed is that there doesn't seem to be a lot of Scottish people here though.It might be that I'm staying with a group who are all Irish (except for one girl from Portugal) but I haven't heard that many scottish accents or seen many kilts, although the ones I have seen were pretty special.

That's what I love about this place. It isn't what you expect.I assumed that being a big city and a popular tourist/stag destination that it would be insanely expensive but I've spent hardly anything here.It really shows you how overpriced Ireland is when yolu manage to get a huge meal of a burger, chips and a pint for £3.50. The exchange rate isn't even an excuse because the euro and sterling are equal at the moment.

The music scene is brilliant here.We went to see "Acoustic Dave" the last night and he was fantastic.Who would have thought a middle-aged guy in a batman tshirt ould be so entertaining!

We also explored the supernatural side to the city.We saw Acoustic Dave in what was supposedly the most haunted pub in Britain but the wailings you might mistake for ghostly anguish are more likely to be a group of drunken Spaniards murdering karaoke songs.We also went on a "Most Haunted" style tour of an underground vault.It was really eerie to be down there in the dark hearing stories about various ghostly happenings that go on down there.It's enough to make your imagination run away with you.It seems it got to one of the little girls who was on the tour; she said she felt someone rubbing her hair. Apart from that, there were no ghostly encounters to report.The guide had said that the spirits sometimes drain your battery devices like your phone but if anything when we came out my phone had gained battery.Cheers Ghosts!

I better toddle off and experience more of Edinburgh, will update later!