Saturday, October 3, 2009

Crazy people!

I found something on the web this week that reassured me a great deal that I'm quite a sane person. I was looking for "The Killers" (band) tshirts and put something to that effect into google.

It showed me some tshirts with Brandon Flowers and co., yes. But it also led me to something else...

Serial Killer tshirts.

It's official. You can now pick your favourite serial killer and buy a tshirt with their face and a lot of blood spatter on it to wear with pride.


I really don't know how I survived (pun alert) this long without one.

But seriously, I was completely shocked when I stumbled on this website.I can't imagine someone browsing online and saying to themselves "you know what's missing from my life?A tshirt with Ted Bundy's face on it and a mug with a drawing of one of Black Dahlia's victims on it".
I mean, WTF?!?I'd love to know if there's actually a market out there for this.I'll be the first to admit that I like my share (and possibly some other people's shares) of crime dramas and murder mystery novels.I also have a big interest in the paranormal and gruesome histories. Despite being a complete sceptic, I like the stories and find them interesting.
However, I think there is a line and buying serial killer calendars and wall clocks might just be it for me.

For the rest of you though, if you're interested...Christmas is a-coming!

(I'll take a small polo. Something in the Charles Manson range, surprise me!)

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