Sunday, June 21, 2009


I went to see Britney last night in the o2 arena in Dublin.It was surreal.Brilliant, but surreal. I grew up with Britney and it was unbelievably odd to be standing a few feet away from her.She is one of those stars that has so much media coverage that they don't seem real anymore.But last night I realised she is in fact one of us.

I was lucky enough to be standing at the front and directly behind her two little boys.She knew they were there and kept coming over to us to wave at the two tots and keep them entertained.It was really sweet to see them dancing along to the songs.(They seemed to like "Slave 4 u" in particular).

I had never seen someone as famous in her in the flesh and it's only when you do that you can appreciate things like Beatlemania.I'm normally a pretty rational controlled person but the minute Britney came on stage I screamed like a crazy person along with the thousands of others that were in the arena.

The show itself was fantastic, one of the best I've ever been to.There were circus performers and amazing backing dancers to keep the audience entertained while Britney was doing her quick-changes.

A great thing about the gig was how nice the other fans were.There was no pushing or shoving and the venue is built in such a way that everyone had a great view of the stage so nobody was disappointed in that regard.

I went to the gig last night not really expecting much.I knew Britney would be miming and thought it would be a nice way to pass the time.However, the minute she stepped on stage she reminded me and everyone else why she is such a superstar.It's simple, there is something about her that people love and are drawn to.There was nothing but goodwill in Dublin last night and it seems like Britney really is back.

I look forward to the next time she comes to Ireland.It's Britney bitch!!