Monday, July 13, 2009

The french happenings

Still in Montpellier and having great craic.The funniest thing about coming over here was discovering that Sarah and Naomi have made names for themselves as complete party animals.We're talking Kate Moss during the heroin chic days.It appears this legendary status is mostly down to the fact that the Americans on Sarah's course are extremely lightweight in the drinking department so Sarah and Naomi's intake looks pretty hardcore and/or alcoholic by comparison.

It's nice to see they're getting on well and meeting people anyway.The range of people stopping by the apartment is like a United Nations conference.Sarah is the only Irish person on her course so has to put up with the constant stream of Americans coming up to her and going (in a really thick Texan accent) "Oh, I'm Irish too!My Granny's dog once stayed with that guy from the Quiet Man so I'm pretty much a native."

I'm going to be home to tomorrow but will take with me the knowledge that the only helpful French people are the ones who don't work in customer service; that in a battle between me and the sun the sun will always win; that Guinness is older than America (really!) and that hurling is older than Jesus.Unfortunately I cant smuggle home any lovely bottles of French wine but might attempt to get some cheese home.I managed to get 2 pounds of sausages from Shannon to here so I'm feeling optimistic!

Sin é en ce moment.Slán go fóill!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bienvenue á Montpellier!

Hey everyone,
I'm in montpellier at the moment visiting that Scully wan and "Anlon" as the French call her.Having a great time but dear god, my poor Irish skin is not able for this heat!Forgot to put suncream on my back yesterday so have a nice pink patch there but am otherwise unscathed.Montpellier is really beautiful and most of the people are really nice.We went to the olympic pool yesterday to have a swim and ended up staying there for about four hours.It was really nice and had slides and diving boards and stuff like that.We all had a go jumping off the 4 metre dive, felt a bit like getting hit by a car but was really exhilarating.Sarah's dad is coming to visit today so we're giving the place a bit of a clean.I'll be home on tuesday unless the TGV screws me again in which case I'll be living in Carcassone train station for the rest of my life.Could be worse I suppose.
A Bientot!