Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bienvenue á Montpellier!

Hey everyone,
I'm in montpellier at the moment visiting that Scully wan and "Anlon" as the French call her.Having a great time but dear god, my poor Irish skin is not able for this heat!Forgot to put suncream on my back yesterday so have a nice pink patch there but am otherwise unscathed.Montpellier is really beautiful and most of the people are really nice.We went to the olympic pool yesterday to have a swim and ended up staying there for about four hours.It was really nice and had slides and diving boards and stuff like that.We all had a go jumping off the 4 metre dive, felt a bit like getting hit by a car but was really exhilarating.Sarah's dad is coming to visit today so we're giving the place a bit of a clean.I'll be home on tuesday unless the TGV screws me again in which case I'll be living in Carcassone train station for the rest of my life.Could be worse I suppose.
A Bientot!

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